and then I simply wound her body
around me like an apron.

achieving distance, a movement
existing only in time, not in space.

just as senses steer behaviour. I’ve always
trusted her voice, not her eyes.

I can’t stop repeating this.
registering alignment. this movement

which constitutes my body. her silent,
trained presence. I won’t take off this apron

ever again.

(transl. by Steph Morris and Catherine Hales)

notations, reproductions of snow
falling through their voices, between birches.
faltering. here too there are tallies. what are you
shielding yourself against. I saw them fall away
as the sun falls away towards the horizon.
faint shadows, we chase. no sleighs today,
I rang for the coach. what implants
do you wish to wear, when we leave
the house. what heraldry. do not
touch. something can’t be taken back.
alaska, is that what you mean. so much home. well
preserved, weapons-grade material. crinkling,
chimera. shifting their positions
faster than I can fire.

(transl. by Steph Morris and Catherine Hales)

coin under the tongue, then swallow, or how
did that go again. didn’t get the sequence right this time.
boxes with hanged people, all the way up the walls. two
turning, wilderness, a carpet of cast-off camisoles,
keep turning, wearing nothing more than their office
for showing their gratitude. do not cross this
line. where panic turns into projection. how long
have we been here already. do you recognise yourself
in me, is what i see in you a part of me. swallow.
there’s a smell of freshly-cut pines, snow
drifting through the viewers’ room, there’s not much air.
of course that would abate at some point. would even
the joints of angels tear then. expectations
creeping underneath the camisoles, we brush them off.

(transl. by Catherine Hales)


Daniela Seel, born 1974 in Frankfurt/Main, is a poet, publisher, translator, editor, host, and mentor. In 2000 she was co-founder of KOOKread, the literary branch of the artist’s network KOOK (today: KOOK e.V.) ‒ together with fellow authors Jan Böttcher, Alexander Gumz, Karla Reimert, and Uljana Wolf. Emerging from KOOK, and supported by book artist and illustrator Andreas Töpfer as Art Director, in 2003 she founded kookbooks – Lab for Poetry as Life Form. Her poems appeared in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, on the internet, and radio. Her first collection of poems ich kann diese stelle nicht winderfinden (I cannot find this place again) was published by kookbooks in 2011. Currently she is working on was weißt du schon von prärie (what do you know about prairie actually). Some of her poems were translated into Polish, English, Slovak, Czech, French, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Serbian, and Croatian. Daniela Seel lives in Berlin.



2011 ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden (I cannot find this place again), poems, kookbooks, Berlin


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2008 Helen and Kurt Wolff Reading: Daniela Seel ‒ Poetic Prose, with an introduction by Denis Scheck, in Chicago Public Radio, Recorded Tuesday, June 10th
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2000 poems by Paweł Lekszycki, Jarosław Orzel, Anna Piżl und Arkadiusz K. Wyrzykowski in Śródmieście/ Innenstadt, WIR magazine, No. 5, Berlin


2014 I Sit Like a Garbage God. Feminism in 14 poems, literary intervention in the exhibition WOMAN. The Feminist Avant-Garde from the 1970s. Works from the Sammlung Verbund, Englisch, French and Dutch edition, 32 p. each, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
Since 2003 every book published by kookbooks  Lab for Poetry as Life Form


Since 1998 several artistic collaborations and performances, including
2014 Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop; Royal Library Copenhagen; Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík/Iceland; PROSANOVA (Performance Dark Field Voices, with Robert Stripling), Hildesheim; Berlin Poetry Festival
2013 Ty Newydd, Llanystumdwy/Wales; Neue Meister, Hagen; Konstanz Poetry Festival; Month of Author Readings in Brno/Czech Republic, Kosiče/Slovakia, Ostrava/Czech Republic and Wrocław/Poland; rum för poesi at Gothenburg Book Fair/Sweden; Filba Internacional in Buenos Aires/Argentina and Santiago de Chile/Chile; DICHT: Hamburg Festival for Text and Sound
2012 Bernau Gallery; University Library Bayreuth; HAM.LIT, Hamburg; Gerberhaus Idstein + oqbo Gallery Berlin (Collaboration with singer/songwriter/poet Rike Scheffler); Rauriser Literaturtage, Rauris/Austria; Staatstheater Nürnberg; Audiatur Poetry Festival, Bergen/Norway; Literaturhaus Wuppertal; Deutsch-Italienisches Kulturinstitut, Padova/Italy; University of Verona/Italien; Liechtensteiner Literaturtage, Schaan/Liechtenstein; Festival Krokodil, Zagreb/Croatia; currently working on: Bewegungsschreiber (Collaboration of 9 poets/dancers, and 2 sound/light designers, my piece was together with David Bloom, performances in December at Dock 11, Berlin)
2011 Lange Leipziger Lesenacht; Prosanova, Hildesheim; Frankfurt Poetry Days, Frankfurt/Main (Collaboration with Rick Reuther); Dock 11, Berlin + Rotunde, Bochum + orange peel, Frankfurt/Main (Collaboration with Alexander Gumz, Mathias Traxler, Rick Reuther, Jan Böttcher, and Kat Frankie); Berlin poetry festival; Erlanger Poetenfest; Ars Poetica, Bratislava/Slovakia; HörGerede, Graz/Austria (Collaboration with Janine Rostron/ Planningtorock); Kunstquartier Hagen; Landesmuseum, Münster; Zeitkunstfestival, Berlin + Paris/France (Collaboration with Sébastien Smirou and the Ardeo Quartet)


2014 Workshop between being present, Berlin University of the Arts, study program Art in Context, 8h
2014 Writing Workshop for pupils, 7th grade, Jewish Museum Berlin in Cooperation with lyrix, 3h
2014 Writing Workshop for the lyrix awardees, together with Nico Bleutge, Literary Colloquium Berlin, 8h
2013 Poetry Workshop for the Young Author’s Meetings awardees, together with Katharina Bauer, Berliner Festspiele, 6,5h
2013 Writing Workshop for the lyrix awardees, together with Norbert Lange, Literary Colloquium Berlin, 8h
2012 Poetry Workshop for the Young Author’s Meetings awardees, together with Katharina Bauer, Berliner Festspiele, 6,5h
2012 Workshop was mit literatur machen, Litlog/Seminar for German Philology, Georg August University Göttingen, 10h
Since 2006 lectures at several universities, including the Departments of Book Studies and German Literature at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, the Department of German and Dutch Philology at Freie Universität Berlin, the Departments of German Literature at Humboldt University Berlin, University of Bayreuth and Bergische Universität Wuppertal


2015 Villa Aurora Fellow, 3 month residency, Los Angeles/CA
2014 Dresden Poetry Prize Finalist (decision in November)
2014 Reykjavík Residency/Grant, 6,5 week in Reykjavík/Iceland, Goethe-Institute Copenhagen
2014 Künstlerhaus Lukas, 3 week residency, Ahrenshoop
2013 Poetry of Neighbours, 1 week translation workshop (Guest Country: Poland), Künstlerhaus Edenkoben
2013 Writers’ House Wales, 2,5 week residency, Llanystumdwy
2012 Literary Tandem, Brandenburg Gate Foundation, 2 months in Split/Croatia (croatian “partner poet”: Marko Pogacar)
2011 Art Prize Literature, Lotto Brandenburg
2011 Thalia Sponsorship Award to the Ernst Meister Award, City of Hagen
2011 Friedrich Hölderlin Sponsorship Award, City of Bad Homburg
2010 Insel Hombroich Foundation, 1 month residency at the former missile base, Neuss
2008 Working grant, 6 months, Berlin Senate
2008 kunst:raum sylt quelle, 1 month residency, Rantum/Sylt


2008 BuchLust Award, Hannover
2007 Horst Bienek Sponsorship Award for Poetry, Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2006 Kurt Wolff Sponsorship Award, Kurt Wolff Foundation, Leipzig



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